Sage’s Page

“Hey there… It’s me Sage and I’m here to tell you that Telluride is animal heaven. People LOVE their dogs and there are so many fun activities for us. Let’s just say…my perfect day is hiking and swimming in the San Miguel River, strolling through town and getting a doggy treat at the bank, and then hanging out with my friends at Town Park. Does it get any better than that?”

Helpful Tips
There are poop pick up bags on almost every corner and trail head so please encourage your owner to do the right thing and pick up your poop. (We can’t do it, because we don’t have opposable thumbs).

We must be on a leash in Town Park and on Main Street and up to one block off Main Street but no leash required on Pacific St. or Columbia St. and beyond. If you’re not on a leash make sure you’re in voice command…. so listen carefully. And don’t even think of chasing or menacing wildlife – we could be in deep trouble for this.

There are many walking and running trails all within a short walking distance from the center of town. The San Miguel River is especially nice to if you want to cool off during the warmer months.

Pet Friendly Hotels and Campground
New Sheridan – 970.728.4351
Hotel Telluride – 970.369.1188
Town Park Campground – 970.728.2173

San Miguel Veterinary Clinic in Norwood